Insurance Claims

​Homeowners insurance claims can be tricky to navigate unless you have the knowledge to understand the intricacies of insurance claims. We work with all insurance companies. We represent your interests in your claim, and stay up to date on the latest insurance policy practices and guidelines. Our approach is simple, knowledge, information, and approaching homeowners insurance companies as a partner rather than an adversary, allows for open communication when helping homeowners with their insurance claims.

Every claim is different, whether you are covered by State Farm, American Family, Cincinnati, SafeCo, Met Life, Hartford, Nationwide, Progressive, Allstate, Farmers etc. we have worked with them and know what each company is looking for to afford coverage on your home from storm damage.

In the state of Minnesota storm damage is considered “an act of God” and insurance companies can not raise your rates, or drop you for making a claim in regards to hail/wind or any other type of storm damage. They do, however, raise rates based on coverage within a zip code. This means your rates will go up after a storm whether you make a claim or not. It is usually in the best interest of the homeowner to make a claim and allow the insurance company evaluate the damage. Call a rep today to get help understanding your rights, and help getting the claim submitted to your insurance company.

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