Home Damage Claims

In Minnesota, most homeowners are well aware how important it is to have good insurance. The average roof in Minnesota lasts 8 years before it is hit with replaceable storm damage. With wind hail events on the rise in Minnesota, it is important to find a general contractor and restoration specialist you can trust. Local companies know and Minnesota codes and regulations and offer craftsmanship warranties that give you the piece of mind that we are here when home damage occurs.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding storm damage is it will be obvious to the homeowner. Sometimes damage is obvious, but most of the time the effects of wind and hail are subtle at first, exposing your products to the environment which will take years off of the life of your products. If you wait until your products start to fail, it is usually too late to make a claim for storm damage. Most companies allow one year, some allow two years to submit a claim after suffering damage to your home. This is why it is important to have a knowledgable rep conduct a free 25 point inspection on your home and property for damage. Connect with a Minnesota Custom Exterior rep today.

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